Alone Forever
Alone Forever
Hi, I have suffered depression for 3 months now and it's been harsh. I want to now express my feelings because, I believe that if they are inside of you and you don't release them, then who are you?

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If You See Today, Don’t Take Assumptions On Tomorrow Coming

Single or not, reblog to see what you get.


<3 = I’m falling for you.

:) = I wanna cuddle up with you while watching movie.

;) = I like you a lot.

:( = You should talk to me more.

:D = You’re sexy/beautiful.

;O = I want to be best friends.

:P = I want you more than anything.

:K = Kiss me.

:| = You annoy me.

* = We need to make out!

<*3 = I want a relationship with you.

8D = I want to do sexual things with you.

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FINALLY,the thing we had been waiting for

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